Better Off Dead [Widescreen]

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Most animation aficionados of the 1990s know "Savage Steve Holland" as the cocreator (with Bill Kopp) of the all-stops-out TV cartoon series Eek! The Cat. But Holland had been exercising his own peculiar brand of deviltry on live characters long before Eek! came into being. In Holland's Better Off Dead, John Cusack plays a lovestruck teenager, hopelessly enamored with Amanda Wyss. When she dumps him in favor of a more popular high-schooler, the boy's entire day quickly goes to Hell. In the words of Hamlet, all occasions do inform against Cusack: he is bullied, tormented and torn apart by everyone from the paperboy (who seemingly turns up everywhere) to the disembodied voice of a radio deejay. Cusack attempts suicide, but his efforts are just as unsuccessful-and amusing-as Bud Cort's in Harold and Maude. Meanwhile, French exchange student Diane Franklin, held a virtual prisoner by her host family, develops a long-distance crush on Cusack. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Beating the Paperboy
2. Cereal and Boiled Bacon
3. Howard Cosell Impersonators
4. Ski Team Tryouts
5. Death Attempt by Hanging
6. Green Goo With Raisins
7. Nose Wiping Incident
8. "I Want My Two Dollars!"
9. Chalkboard Fantasy
10. Mr. Kerber Asks to Date Beth
11. Cartoon Fantasy
12. Death Attempt by Jumping
13. White Trash
14. Christmas Miracle
15. Mailman Asks to Date Beth
16. Father/Son Talk
17. High School Dance
18. Meeting Monique
19. Attack of the Paperboys
20. A Man Alone
21. Everybody Wants Some
22. Barney Rubble Asks to Date Beth
23. "Franch Fries, Franch Dressing, Franch Bread"
24. K12 Challenge
25. Persistent Paperboy
26. Big Faker
27. Lane Wins the Drag Race
28. Romantic Frozen Dinner
29. Sliding Down the Mountain
30. Paperboy on Skis
31. Lane Wins the Ski Race
32. Language Lessons
33. One Look