Sesame Street: Elmo Says Boo!

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Join Elmo and friends for a haunting Halloween adventure as they visit the Count's castle. Telly, Baby Bear, Ernie, and Bert will keep kids laughing with their silly jokes, songs, and surprises. Songs performed include &Bones (Inside of You), &Transylvania 1-2-3-4-5, &We Are All Monsters, &Frazzle, and &The Batty Bat. Great Halloween entertainment for ages two to five. ~ Heather M. Fierst, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Elmo Visits the Count [3:03]
2. The Count Sings [3:47]
3. Elmo Scares Julia [1:48]
4. Scary Song "Transylvania 12345" [3:45]
5. Silly Song "We're All Monsters" [2:09]
6. Bert and Ernie Explore [5:17]
7. Funny Song "Frazzle Laughs" [3:12]
8. Batty Song "Doin' the Batty Bat" [7:11]