Zoltan, Hound Of Dracula [Widescreen]

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When soldiers foolishly remove a stake from a mysterious Transylvanian grave, they release a vampire dog belonging to the Dracula clan. Also freed is Veidt-Smit (Reggie Nalder), an old servant of the Count himself, not quite a vampire, but immortal all the same: he can work in the daylight. Together, the blood-sucking dog and he go to the U.S. in search of Michael Drake (Michael Pataki), who is the last of the Dracula family line and who has no notion that there is anything strange in his family tree. Meanwhile, they are being followed by a Transylvanian vampire-hunter, Inspector Branco (Jose Ferrer) ~ Clarke Fountain, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Program Start/Tomb of Dracula [5:14]
2. Zoltan (Main Titles) [4:36]
3. Vampire Expert [5:37]
4. Slaves of the Master [4:25]
5. Night Stalkers [6:18]
6. Family Photos [3:39]
7. Campsite [3:25]
8. Puppy Chow [4:29]
9. Burial [4:37]
10. Red Fangs of Death [5:17]
11. Inspector Branco Arrives [3:46]
12. Leader of the Pack [3:15]
13. Last of the Line [5:43]
14. Plan of Action [4:15]
15. The Siege [3:50]
16. Return to the Campground [3:16]
17. Attack of the Acolyte [3:04]
18. Onslaught [3:24]
19. The Jaws of Samson [3:25]
20. Triumph of the Cross [3:40]
21. End Credits [1:49]