Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair

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A mission of mercy sends two children to a magical world in another dimension in this made-for-TV fantasy adventure for the family. Eustace (David Thwaites) and Jill (Camilla Power) are two misfit schoolchildren who discover that a garden shed on the school's grounds is actually a gateway to the magical land of Narnia. Eustance had visited Narnia years before, and is troubled to discover King Caspian (Geoffrey Russell) has aged considerably. Caspian is troubled by the disappearance of his son, Prince Rilian (Richard Henders), who had been kidnapped years earlier. With the help of the King's helper Puddlegum (Tom Baker) and the enchanted lion Aslan (voice of Alisa Berk), Eustace and Jill set out to find the lost prince and reunite him with his father. Produced by the @ BBC (where it originally aired as a mini-series), The Silver Chair was based on The Chronicles Of Narnia stories by C.S. Lewis. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. The Unlocked Door [6:49]
2. Jill's Task [3:57]
3. Four Signs [4:29]
4. Sailing of the Kings [5:44]
5. A Parliament of Owls [7:26]
6. The Story of the Lost Prince [5:44]
7. Puddleglum [6:11]
8. Eel Stew [4:53]
9. An Encounter with Giants [5:57]
10. She of Green Kirtle [7:51]
11. Hill of the Strange Trenches [6:22]
12. House of Harfang [9:09]
13. Writing on a Stone [:01]
14. Man Stew [7:05]
15. The Warden of the Underworld [6:38]
16. Travels Without the Sun [5:14]
17. Black Knight [4:00]
18. Evil Enchantment [7:38]
19. The Last Sign [6:33]
20. The Queen of Underland [7:04]
21. The Slaying of the Queen [10:30]
22. Underland Without the Queen [6:41]
23. The Object of His Voyage [3:29]
24. The New King of Narnia [2:58]
25. Aslan's Country [3:20]