Nightmare City [Widescreen]

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Miller (Hugo Stiglitz) is a reporter on to something when he sees passengers disembark from a plane and start attacking and murdering whomever they come across -- no, they are not upset with their service, they are zombies -- or more accurately ghouls who need human blood to stay alive. While flight attendants may contend that more than one ghoul is on any flight, this group was contaminated by a man exposed to radiation that leaked from a nuclear plant, and they are hereafter identifiable by their black-face make-up, if not their eating habits. When Miller tries to notify the citizens that these monsters are on the loose, he is rudely stopped by a nasty general (Mel Ferrer) who does not want to make the public unnecessarily hysterical. The monsters have a molecular structure that is not affected by bullets, and so in imitation of the accepted code that zombies only die with a shot to the head, the general launches his attack "aiming for the control center" of each zombie head, before everyone is converted into the blood-thirsty monsters. With anemic acting, murky color, and other technical problems, this is simply another zombie film among the masses. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Program Start/Main Titles [2:27]
2. Break-In [3:48]
3. Bad Dream [3:18]
4. Anniversary Surprise [2:41]
5. Life From Death [3:51]
6. Table Manners [3:42]
7. Driving Lessons [3:01]
8. Unveiling [5:09]
9. Household Accident [3:51]
10. Blackmail [5:25]
11. Frank's Discovery [4:21]
12. Inhuman Desire [3:28]
13. Runaway [3:58]
14. Champagne for Three [3:02]
15. Frank's Fantasy [4:10]
16. Adelaide [4:07]
17. Sleeping Beauty [3:07]
18. Resisting Arrest [5:46]
19. Homesick [4:17]
20. Lonely Supper [3:12]
21. Lovers' Spat [4:14]
22. Fugitives [3:42]
23. The New Frank [4:52]
24. "The Future Is Ours" [2:15]
25. End Credits [:36]