Ernest Goes to Africa

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Slapstick handyman Ernest is in love and wants to buy a bauble for his gal Renee, so he goes to a local flea market and buys a couple of shiny faux jewels. He has no idea that they are real and that they were stolen from a sacred African idol by a crooked adventurer. He also does not know that a villainous Arab prince is impatiently waiting for the stones to arrive. and so he thinks nothing of making the cheap "rocks" into a yo-yo. When the explorer's henchmen discover that the witless Ernest has the jewels, they kidnap him and his girlfriend to the "Dark Continent" where they have all kinds of crazy, comical adventures. ~ Sandra Brennan, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Ernest's Smash Mobile [7:17]
2. Only Eyes for Ernest [9:05]
3. Fishin in the Disposal [6:07]
4. Ernest to the Recue [5:11]
5. "Hey You!"- At Your Service [10:16]
6. Night Patrol [6:35]
7. Ernest Sleeps With Elephants [6:59]
8. Ernest the Harem Girl [10:43]
9. Complaining Across Africa [6:10]
10. Warror's Favorite Meal [7:22]
11. Gladiator of the Bush [5:03]
12. A Yo-Yo Battle [3:13]
13. Ernest Saves the Girl...Sort of [4:38]
14. Credits [1:28]