Sesame Street: Elmocize

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When Monty stops by Elmo's Exercise Camp to do a report, he ends up joining Elmo, Rosita, and Tarah in the fitness fun. Kids will bend, twist, hop, and jump into shape as they learn body parts through songs such as "Elbows and Knees," "Elmocise," and "Do the Benny Hop." This video is perfect for youngsters. It is short and emphasizes movement and health over structured exercises. It also provides an excellent role model for children of all ability levels, as Tarah is in a wheelchair. Preschoolers who like to shake and move should also try Dance with the Teletubbies. ~ Heather M. Fierst, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Welcome to Elmo's Exercise Camp [1:48]
2. Everybody Elmocize! [2:57]
3. Exercise With a Caterpillar [1:06]
4. Camp Elmo Graduates [2:04]
5. Dance to the Rhythm, Dance to the Beat [1:52]
6. Workout in a Chair [2:58]
7. Parts of the Body [:49]
8. Elbows and Knees Song [2:01]
9. Get Up and Bend With Elmo! [2:20]
10. "Do the Bunny Hop" [2:50]
11. Jump, Leap and Skip! [3:03]
12. Do the Twist With Cyndi Lauper [2:26]
13. Everybody Elmocize Again! [2:45]