Zatoichi, Episode 4: The Fugitive [Widescreen]

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The legendary blind warrior discovers love and money have created divided alliances in this classic samurai film. After defeating a angry stranger he meets along the road, blind nomad Zatoichi (Shintaro Katsu) learns that a bounty is being offered for his head; despite the danger to himself, Zatoichi visits the mother of his victim and offers to help support her. As Zatoichi tries to find out why a price is being offered for his life, he discovers a community has been torn apart by violent feuding from rival bands of criminals -- and that one of the bloodthirsty killers who has been drawn to this ugly contest is now the husband of Gajuro, a woman he once loved. Will Zatoichi fight to free his love, or will he search out the man who wants him dead? ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Logos & Credits [2:10]
2. Wrestling [5:45]
3. A Funeral [3:54]
4. Scent of a Woman [6:32]
5. Alliances [5:52]
6. Hanging Laundry [4:24]
7. Sword Display [5:38]
8. Old Love [6:42]
9. Memories [6:39]
10. In the Woods [4:51]
11. Ultimatum [5:50]
12. The Noose Tightens [4:13]
13. A Trap [3:44]
14. Self-Defense [4:46]
15. Gunfire [5:56]
16. Final Battle [5:00]
17. Farewell [3:45]