Johnny Handsome

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Small-time crook Mickey Rourke is mockingly named Johnny Handsome because of his grotesquely deformed face. While in stir on a robbery rap, Rourke is knifed by convicts in the employ of his former partner--and now bitter enemy--Lance Henriksen. While in the prison hospital, Rourke is cared for by a kindly doctor (Forrest Whitaker), who believes that the key to Rourke's rehabilitation might be a literal change of face. Undergoing plastic surgery, Rourke emerges as virtually unrecognizable to everyone but the audience. Paroled, Rourke seems to be willing to follow a straight and narrow path. Seems to be. Only Morgan Freeman, playing a hard-bitten law officer, sees through Rourke's "new leaf." ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Main Title/Planning Ahead [6:15]
2. The Prestige Job [4:09]
3. Two-Time Offender [4:51]
4. Doctor vs. Lieutenant [2:38]
5. Patient Consent [2:56]
6. Criminal Operation [:58]
7. The Speech Pathologist [2:49]
8. "Johnny Don't Need No Mask" [3:22]
9. A New Face [2:52]
10. No Faith in Johnny [4:18]
11. Mr. Mitchell [1:06]
12. Payroll Deduction [3:46]
13. Ready for Love? [3:14]
14. "A Friend of Donna's" [2:19]
15. Going Through Withdrawal [2:18]
16. Paroled [1:06]
17. "Remember Me?" [6:04]
18. Sunny's Angle [3:11]
19. Questioning Donna [2:37]
20. Laundry and Hardware [1:26]
21. Breaking Up [3:39]
22. Overtime Pay [4:13]
23. The Switch [2:28]
24. Lovers' Quarrel [1:16]
25. Consecutive Bills [3:35]
26. A Familiar Face [3:38]
27. Serious Business [8:13]
28. End Credits [3:55]