Rattlers [Special Edition]

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A herd of chemically altered rattlesnakes become fearsome killers in this made-for-TV chiller. The tale is set in the Mojave Desert and centers upon Sam Parkinson, a noted zoologist, who has come to investigate a series of strange deaths that began with two dead children found near their parents' campsites. Sam is accompanied by Ann, a photographer who make an appalling discovery. ~ Daniel Gelb, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Main Title [3:17]
2. The Birdman of Snakeland [6:53]
3. Looking for Clues [6:26]
4. Reptilian Ranch House [3:59]
5. Ann's Liberated Ass [8:55]
6. Rattle Rooter [5:32]
7. Rise and Shine [3:47]
8. Form 4211 [6:08]
9. A Hell of a Sensation [5:57]
10. Getting the Shaft [6:46]
11. A Steel Belted Snake Bite [10:43]
12. Amour Dans Las Vegas [2:53]
13. A Lush Full of Lead [3:33]
14. CT-3 and Some TNT [2:53]
15. One Way To L.A. [1:38]
16. End Credits [1:13]
1. Resurrection
2. Main Title
3. The Teetotaling Traverler
4. Voodoo Funeral
5. Old Uncle Carl
6. Mind Over Matter
7. The Zombie Fox Trot
8. Cave of the Cannibal Women
9. Curfew Carnage
10. Flesh Feast
11. Romancing the Dead
12. Andrew's Big Move
12. Traitors and Dwarfs
13. The Party Crashers
14. Playing With Fire
15. End Credits

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