Strange Brew

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Purporting to be loosely based on ~Hamlet, Strange Brew is about an evil braumeister at the Elsinore Brewery who has discovered an additive that when guzzled in beer, allows the drinkers to be easily controlled. Braumeister Smith (Max von Sydow) has a plan to take over the world with his new brew, and only the Great White hosers of the North, Bob and Doug McKenzie (Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas) -- with their plaid shirts, ski toques, fur-lined parkas, and addiction to beer -- can stop the dastardly plan, sober or not. There are several jabs at "hoseheads" and the business of movie-making, including an epilogue that critiques the film itself. Strange Brew found a cult audience with fans of the Second City comedy troupe, of which Moranis and Thomas were members. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Welcome to Our Movie [2:40]
2. Revenge of the Moviegoers [4:29]
3. Credits (Strange Brew) [2:17]
4. Beer Bust [3:24]
5. Elsinore Brewery [3:20]
6. Meet the Owner [3:56]
7. Trouble Brewing [2:34]
8. Jackpots [4:30]
9. Two Weeks Notice [4:25]
10. Snooping Around [5:38]
11. Fighting Music [2:32]
12. Detour [5:36]
13. Broken Brakes [3:06]
14. Splash Crash [2:21]
15. Intermission; Framed [2:32]
16. They're Innocent [3:48]
17. No Scientific Explanation [1:58]
18. Norris Defense: Split Pleas [3:13]
19. Hospital Havoc [3:44]
20. Wired [3:11]
21. Lunatics on the Loose [3:27]
22. All Lit Up [4:41]
23. Nice Effects [3:46]
24. Hosehead to the Rescue [3:56]
25. Beer Disposal Experts [1:29]
26. Review and End Credits [3:33]