Cat's Eye

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Cat's Eye is an uneven, tepid trilogy of stories written by Stephen King connected by a cat which appears at the beginning of each story. The best story, and first episode, concerns chain-smoker Morrison (James Woods) who joins a stop-smoking group run by sadistic Dr. Monatti, played with great relish by Alan King. In the second episode, a gambler named Cressner (Kenneth McMillan) makes a bet with his wife's lover. In the third episode, a young girl (Drew Barrymore) is terrorized by a tiny troll. Although he wrote the screenplay, Stephen King was disappointed with the results and thought the interconnection of the stories using the cat clumsy and distracting. Directer Lewis Teague does an average job of directing the confusing and sometimes foolish script. However, James Woods' fine performance and the special effects by Jeff Jarvis make the film worth a view. ~ Linda Rasmussen, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. King Menagerie Credits [3:12]
2. Quitters Inc. [4:14]
3. Helluva Problem [2:44]
4. The Cat Room [2:10]
5. For His Family [2:25]
6. Closet Case [3:45]
7. We're Watching [4:27]
8. Smoking Nightmare [2:37]
9. A Little Slip [3:55]
10. Shock Treatment [2:50]
11. A Toast [2:34]
12. Tabby-ulating the Odds [4:48]
13. The Setup [3:54]
14. Ledging Their Bet [3:37]
15. On Your Toes [3:26]
16. Fellow Pigeons [2:51]
17. High-Wire Hanger [2:44]
18. Joke in Reverse [4:33]
19. Amanda's New Cat [3:03]
20. Cat Tales [2:48]
21. Monster Tale [3:01]
22. Night Visitor [4:57]
23. Cat in a Box [3:04]
24. He Knows [2:39]
25. Homeward Bound [2:27]
26. Get 'Im, General [4:04]
27. Two Big Fans [4:30]
28. End Credits [2:40]