I Care 4 U [Bonus DVD]

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Track Listing

    Track Title


  1. Back & Forth 3:49
  2. Are You That Somebody? 4:25
  3. One in a Million 4:29
  4. I Care 4 U 4:33
  5. More Than a Woman 3:50
  6. Don't Know What to Tell Ya 5:01
  7. Try Again 4:44
  8. All I Need 3:08
  9. Miss You 4:05
  10. Don't Worry 3:51
  11. Come Over 3:55
  12. Erica Kane 4:37
  13. At Your Best (You Are Love) 4:50
  14. Got to Give It Up [Remix] 3:57
  15. One in a Million [DVD]
  16. Are You That Somebody [DVD]
  17. Try Again [DVD]
  18. We Need a Resolution [DVD]
  19. More Than a Woman [DVD]
  20. Back in One Piece [DVD]
  21. Four Page Letter [DVD]
  22. Got to Give It Up [DVD][Mix]
  23. Rock da Boat [DVD]
  24. Japanamation Commercial [DVD]
  25. Aaliyah Behind the Scenes [DVD]


Respecting the legacy of one of RB's most important artists during the '90s, Universal and Blackground waited more than a year after her death to deliver a new Aaliyah release. Considering all the time that had gone by, however, fans could be forgiven for expecting an album of all-new material to compensate for the long drought. I Care 4 U actually balances a brief hits collection with a half-dozen new songs, most of the fresh material appearing only after a run-through of the hits from her three proper albums. There isn't too much to complain about concerning the hits selection; I Care 4 U touches on most of the highlights from her seven-year career: "Back Forth" and "At Your Best (You Are Love)" from her first album, "One in a Million" and "Got to Give It Up" from 1996's One in a Million, and three tracks from 2001's Aaliyah. (Surely though, the compilers could've found room on this 14-track collection for a pair of her Top Ten greats, "If Your Girl Only Knew" and "The One I Gave My Heart To," or the Romeo Must Die hit "I Don't Wanna.") Of the new tracks, four of the six feature composer credits from Johnta Austin ("I Don't Wanna"), and his affectionate, smoky ballads are perfectly suited to Aaliyah's vocals. "Miss You," the presciently titled single, and "All I Need" don't have the edge of her classic Timbaland productions, but they stand up well -- even when they're slotted next to the best songs of her career. Aaliyah was well ahead of her time during her brief career, and I Care 4 U hangs together well, the hits showing the power of her voice and the strength of her accompanying productions, while the new songs provide an intriguing look at where Aaliyah may have taken her career had she lived. [The album was also available in a two-disc version, the second being a DVD collection of nine videos plus "behind the scenes" footage and a Japanimation commercial.] ~ John Bush, Rovi