Lady Jane [Widescreen]

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Lady Jane Grey, the 16-year-old girl who for nine days in the 16th century was Queen of England, is here portrayed by Helena Bonham Carter. Lady Jane Grey's sickly cousin, who becomes Edward VI upon the death of Henry VIII, is on the threshold of death himself. The Protestant powers-that-be, fearing that England will fall under Catholic rule, contrive to marry off Edward VI's most likely successor Lady Jane to the wastrelly Guilford Dudley (Cary Elwes), the future Duke of Suffolk. The dying Edward is coerced into naming Jane as his successor. Jane is forced to assume the throne, attempting to impose reforms on the corrupt Protestant government during her brief reign. A coup led by Jane's cousin Princess Mary (Jane Lapotaire) results in the ouster, and eventual execution, of Queen Jane and her consort. The story is told through anti-establishment themes; teen-agers Lady Jane and Guilford Dudley are seen as the only hope for a brighter future, making their deaths all the more tragic. An earlier version of the same story, Tudor Rose, was filmed in 1936. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. The Line of Succession
2. A Love of Learning
3. To Dance With A King
4. Illness and Recovery
5. Ornaments of Religion
6. The Arrangement
7. A Promise of Marriage
8. Unhappily Betrothed
9. The Wedding Celebration
10. Branded for Begging
11. The First
12. Let Him Die
13. "It Is Done."
14. Decency or Strength
15. No Turning Back
16. Queen Jane
17. Traitors
18. The Need of the People
19. Nine Days
20. "Embrace the True Religion."
21. Father and Son
22. Queen Mary
23. A Focus for Rebellion
24. A Faith So Pure
25. One Last Night
26. "The Soul Takes Flight..."