One Hour Photo [Widescreen]

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Funnyman Robin Williams steps out of character in this tense, low-key thriller that marked the feature-film directorial debut of music video veteran Mark Romanek. Semour "Sy" Parrish (Williams) runs the photo processing department at a large discount store; Sy is dedicated to his job, and takes great pride in his work. Sy's favorite customers are Nina and Will Yorkin (Connie Nielsen and Michael Vartan), an attractive and cheerful young couple with a nine-year-old boy, Jake (Dylan Smith). Sy dotes on the Yorkins and their son whenever they drop off film to be processed -- something they've been doing quite often ever since Jake was born -- and Nina and Will are indulgent of Sy's attentions, regarding his as a harmless eccentric. What the Yorkins don't know is Sy is a desperately lonely man with no real life of his own, and he's been obsessively making copies of their photos, for years, imagining himself to be "Uncle Sy," a member of the family. Sy's tenuous hold on reality begins to collapse when he develops a roll of film brought in by a new customer that suggests Will has been unfaithful to Nina; the notion that his ideal family may be falling apart is troubling enough for Sy, and when he loses his job, Sy reaches the breaking point. One Hour Photo was screened in competition at ~the 2002 Sundance Film Festival. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. One Question
2. Family Photos
3. Sy. the Photo Guy
4. Beautiful Prints
5. Favorite Uncle
6. Good Thoughts
7. Argument
8. The Person You Least Suspect
9. Monday
10. Christmas Fantasy
11. In the Flesh
12. The Flow of Time
13. Crossing the Threshold
14. Soccer Practice
15. Food Court
16. Discrepancies
17. Sy. Are You All Right?
18. Discovery
19. Leaving Savmart
20. What's Wrong With These People?
21. No One Is Secure
22. Sy's Dream
23. A Hunting Term
24. Threat Management
25. Search Warrant
26. Room Service
27. Room 511
28. Room 519
29. Pursuit
30. Reunion
31. Sy's Confession
32. End Titles