Legend of the Eight Samurai

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As might be gathered from its title, The Legend of the Eight Samurai is set in feudal Japan. Princess Hiroku Yokoshimaru's family is wiped out, along with her bodyguards. All that stands between the princess and certain death is an inexperienced young samurai played by martial-arts expert Sonny Chiba. Armed with little more than determination, Chiba must battle an octet of phantom warriors, a witch, and a killer centipede! The Legend of the Eight Samurai is as good as anything else of its type, sometimes a little better. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Dark Kingdom [5:41]
2. Princess Shizu [7:20]
3. Bounty Hunter [6:31]
4. The Legend [8:34]
5. Auspicious Event [11:09]
6. Small Reunion [8:02]
7. The Crystals [6:38]
8. Destroyed Village [13:15]
9. The Caves [10:42]
10. A Mother? [12:56]
11. The 8th One [15:23]
12. The Rescue [25:47]