EverQuest Online Adventures

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Visit the magical land of Norrath through your PlayStation 2. Scheduled for release several months into the U.S. availability of the PS2 Broadband adaptor, the country's most popular persistent online world comes to the TV screens of console gamers for the first time. Originally released in the spring of 1998, the PC version of EverQuest defined the essentials of massively multiplayer gaming, winning a large and fiercely loyal following that still rivals the fan base of any other major entertainment media release, in video gaming or beyond. This PS2 version of EverQuest strives to capture the most engaging and lasting elements of the PC games and translate these for console play. Though inspired by the seminal PC MMORPG, EverQuest Online Adventures is built from the ground up for play on the PS2 console. The graphics and underlying storyline are all new, through the environments of the PS2's Norrath may seem familiar to veterans of the PC adventures. The combat in EverQuest Online Adventures is designed to be more action-oriented, with more involved tactics. Nevertheless, the driving goals of gameplay remain long-term character development and social interaction with other players. The game encourages team play but also accommodates "lone wolf" adventurers. EverQuest Online Adventures is set about 500 years before the start of the PC game. The tales begin with a focus on the continent of Tunaria, as diverse land offering open wilderness, crowded cities, swamps, dungeons, jungles, mountains, and more. Players design their online personalities from a choice of numerous races and 13 classes. Players can also decide upon their characters' gender and physical appearance. Characters are stored remotely on the game's servers, in part to prevent code-savvy players from unscrupulously modifying their files. Players can have multiple characters, but can only play as one at a time. Like nearly all persistent-world PC games, continued play of EverQuest Online Adventures is subject to a monthly subscription fee.

Game Controls

Left Analog Stick = move forward or backward, turn left or right (tether camera), strafe left or right (follow camera)
Right Analog Stick = move and rotate camera (tether camera), tilt and turn camera (follow camera)
D-Pad Left or Right = toggle abilities list and tool belt
D-Pad Up or Down = scroll ability list or tool belt
D-Pad = choose direction of quick chat branch
Start Button = main menu
Select Button = toggle camera view
X Button = attack, loot, select
Square Button = talk, inspect player
Triangle Button = back, cancel, lose target
Circle Button = use ability, use item
L1 Button = target self, target pet, target group member
L2 Button = quick chat, menu hot keys
L3 Button = auto-run
R1 Button = target npc or others
R2 Button = toggle chat scrolling
R3 Button = virtual keyboard ~ Keith Adams, All Game Guide