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Gods and Generals [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] [Limited Edition] [CD & DVD]

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The soundtrack to Gods and Generals features John Frizzell and Randy Edelman's score, which mixes orchestral, Celtic, folk, and bluegrass into an appropriately sweeping, patriotic backdrop to this sequel to Gettysburg. However, Frizzell and Edelman use these elements in a somber and usually reverent way more often than a bombastic one, as evinced by pieces such as the film's main theme, "Loved I Not Honor More," "My Home Is Virginia," and "You Must Not Worry for Us." While most of the score is subdued, "The School of the Soldier" and "No Photographs" have a lively, but still nostalgic, feel that adds some lightness to the album. The soundtrack's Celtic-influenced pieces also offer a refreshing change from the rest of the score's necessary weight, and feature the album's guest stars: Paddy Moloney lends his uilleann pipes to "The First Crop of Corn" and "These Brave Irishmen," while Mary Fahl's rich alto is showcased on "Going Home." Bob Dylan closes out Gods and Generals with "'Cross the Green Mountain," which sounds more contemporary than most of the rest of the album, but still has enough rustic warmth to complement it gracefully. Overall, the soundtrack is a dignified, understated affair, but has enough personality of its own to work outside of the film's context. ~ Heather Phares, Rovi