American Heart

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Following up on Streetwise, his powerful documentary on the homeless kids of Seattle, director Martin Bell returned to that city for a dramatic feature. Nick Kelson (Edward Furlong) is a troubled teenager whose mother has been dead for many years; he spends much of his time with other throwaway kids roaming the city. When Nick's father Jack (Jeff Bridges) is released from a long stretch in prison, the father and child reunion is a bumpy one. Jack senses an obligation to his son but is trying to focus on taking responsibility for his own life before he can extend himself. Nick is wary of his father's criminal background, but he also craves the stability of a real home life. Aware that a return to the city whose mean streets spawned his criminal career might pull him back into his old ways, Jack talks about moving to Alaska to make a fresh start, but it's not clear if Nick is part of his plan. The film's unsentimental look at its characters always on the verge of backsliding didn't endear it to ticket buyers, but it was lauded by many critics for its honesty and for Bridges' strong performance, which won an Independent Spirit award. ~ Tom Wiener, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Main Title/Photo Album [2:35]
2. "I'll Meet You" [5:00]
3. Parole Procedures [2:17]
4. "It's in the Blood" [3:19]
5. The Five Rules for Staying [3:38]
6. Sleeping Arrangements [4:20]
7. Alaska Dreaming [2:39]
8. The Middle of Her Shift [6:33]
9. Paperboy [2:43]
10. Busted With a Minor [9:26]
11. American Heart Connection [3:09]
12. Best Damn Picnic Ever [4:30]
13. Fight Like a Girl [9:06]
14. Slumber Party [3:54]
15. Sweet Jack's Sad Kid [4:24]
16. Memories of Our Parents [2:15]
17. "A Working Girl Like Me" [3:59]
18. Remember the Good Times [1:36]
19. Stealing for a Purpose [5:39]
20. A Temporary Setback [2:56]
21. On His Own [4:21]
22. The Kindness of Strangers [3:30]
23. Molly Needs the Money [1:43]
24. Separate and Scared [3:53]
25. Home Invasion [6:21]
26. Rainey Pays Up [3:11]
27. The Last Ferry [3:50]
28. End Credits [3:43]