Jane Doe

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Kevin Elders directs the @USA original movie Jane Doe, a complicated thriller about a woman forcibly implicated in an extortion. As a security officer at weapons development firm CY-KOR, Jane (Teri Hatcher) has access to the company's computer systems and passwords. After her teenaged son Michael (Trevor Blumas) has been kidnapped, she is forced to download classified files from CY-KOR's database and discard evidence of an assassination. Finding herself framed for murder and trying to escape both the police and the kidnappers, Jane manages to rescue Michael and hitch a ride with a truck driver. However, they are soon brought to the Defense Intelligence Agency to meet up with David Doe (Rob Lowe), Jane's ex-husband and Michael's father. He reveals some painful secrets that send the mother and son team on the run again, this time trying to outwit the criminals with their computer skills. Jane Doe should not be confused with the Calista Flockhart movie from 1999 with the same title. ~ Andrea LeVasseur, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Read All About It. [2:46]
2. Rifle-and Instructions. [5:22]
3. Download and Out. [4:21]
4. Michael. [3:38]
5. A Setup. [3:01]
6. Utmost Respect. [1:31]
7. Case of Collusion. [2:45]
8. Into the Toilet. [2:58]
9. Men In Vans. [2:42]
10. David's Secret Life. [7:39]
11. Nobody at the Wheel. [4:19]
12. These Guys Don't Deal. [3:51]
13. Escapes. [1:32]
14. Full Access. [5:16]
15. Playing With Jane. [4:31]
16. Tough Talking. [2:41]
17. Luring Lucky. [3:50]
18. Peter Works It Out. [4:36]
19. Going Off at the Payoff. [2:19]
20. Family Reunion. [3:04]
21. Data Theft Games. [3:34]
22. Screwed. [2:45]
23. Casualties. [2:44]
24. Shooting Star. [1:58]
25. Case Closed. [1:58]
26. The Best Thing. [1:43]
27. End Credits. [3:03]