High Society

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High Society is a glossy Technicolor-and-@VistaVision musical remake of Philip Barry's The Philadelphia Story (1940), decked out with million-watt star power and a Cole Porter score. Set amongst the rich and famous in Newport, RI, the story revolves around the wedding plans of socialite Tracy Lord (Grace Kelly). Tracy is all set to marry stuffy George Kittridge (John Lund), while magazine writer Mike Connor (Frank Sinatra) and photographer Liz Imbrie (Celeste Holm) intend to cover the ceremony. Meanwhile, Tracy's ex-husband C.K. Dexter-Haven (Bing Crosby) also comes calling, ostensibly to the attend the annual Newport Jazz Festival, but actually for the purpose of winning Tracy back. In the course of events, Mike falls in love with Tracy, and she with him. The Jazz Festival subplot allows scriptwriter John Patrick to bring Louis Armstrong into the proceedings, much to the delight of anyone who cares anything about music. The Cole Porter tunes include the Crosby-Sinatra duet &"Well, Did You Evah?," the Crosby-Armstrong teaming &"Now You Has Jazz," the Kelly-Crosby romantic ballad &"True Love," and the Sinatra solo &"You're Sensational." Though it lacks the satiric edge of the Philip Barry original (Barry, incidentally, is not given any screen credit), High Society succeeds on its own lighthearted terms. The film represents Grace Kelly's final acting assignment before her real-life wedding to Prince Rainier of Monaco. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Overture [4:48]
2. Credits [1:39]
3. High Society Calypso [2:14]
4. Dexter's Digs [2:08]
5. Wedding Gifts [2:25]
6. Spoilsports [2:39]
7. George Kittredge [2:09]
8. Little One [2:37]
9. A Couple of Spies [3:57]
10. Voice of Doom [2:44]
11. The Lord Ladies [5:45]
12. Between Two Husbands [2:41]
13. Papa! [2:31]
14. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? [2:56]
15. Dexter's Gift [1:58]
16. Honeymooners: True Love [1:10]
17. Yar or Worshipped [3:40]
18. Paternal Commentary [2:10]
19. Taken for a Ride [2:24]
20. You're Sensational [3:27]
21. I Love You Samantha [5:02]
22. Wonderful Time [3:24]
23. Now You Has Jazz [2:46]
24. She's Sensational [4:49]
25. Well, Did You Evah? [3:38]
26. Hide and Seek [5:23]
27. Mind if I Make Love to You? [2:56]
28. Jumping to Conclusions [4:03]
29. Morning After [4:11]
30. Night Before [4:35]
31. Changes of Heart [2:34]
32. Simple Announcement [7:10]
33. It's Contagious [3:13]
34. Cast List [:56]