City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly's Gold

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Mitch Robbins (Billy Crystal) returns in this sequel to the original City Slickers that attempts to recapture the first film's warmth and character comedy. Despite feeling re-invigorated when we last left him, Mitch again faces a few personal dilemmas: his radio station job is going nowhere and his schlep of a brother (Jon Lovitz, replacing Bruno Kirby as the third of Mitch's cowboy threesome) has come to stay for a while. Things get really strange when Mitch is haunted by the ghost of cowboy Curly (Jack Palance), who died while leading Mitch and friends on their first cattle-herding adventure. Mitch unexpectedly finds a treasure map in the band of Curly's hat and, together with his brother and his friend Phil (Daniel Stern), heads back to the West to find Curly's lost gold mine. Along the way, they hitch up with Curly's twin brother, again played by Palance. ~ Don Kaye, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Grabber of a Dream [3:03]
2. Credits [2:46]
3. Big 4-0 [3:26]
4. Phone Foolery [5:51]
5. Commuting Dead [2:12]
6. Glen and Other Irritants [4:50]
7. Out of the Hat [4:46]
8. Taking Care of Mitch [5:18]
9. Nuts Over Gold [3:01]
10. Watch Where You Squat [4:50]
11. Map Handlers [3:32]
12. Glen's Occupations [4:42]
13. Mitch Really Cares [3:23]
14. Howdy Boys [3:39]
15. Curly's Brother [3:21]
16. Partners [4:24]
17. Catching Our Parents [1:08]
18. Horsing Around [1:52]
19. Mitch to the Rescue [3:10]
20. Just Trust Me [5:02]
21. Group Hug [3:44]
22. Unhappy Pirate [3:59]
23. Into the Cave [2:56]
24. Mitch on a Roll [5:17]
25. Treasure Chest [3:32]
26. Treasure Snatchers [2:56]
27. Not Real [2:45]
28. Figuring It Out [3:31]
29. We Made It [1:37]
30. Missing Corner [2:00]
31. End Credits [4:02]