Preferential Legacy

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None of Preferential Legacy is meant for the :wumpscut: novice. In fact, none of Rudy Ratzinger's material ever has been. Whether he's pummeling the listener with Teutonic proto-techno, inducing angular dance-offs with industrialized EBM, or winding through the scary back roads of experimental electronica, Ratzinger's music has always appealed to a niche market. That said, it's :wumpscut:'s niche that will no doubt be very excited about Preferential Legacy. It's full of strong material, and will complete some back catalog gaps while waiting for the new :wumpscut: LP. The two-disc set is a hodgepodge, with the only new material arriving right away. "All Cried Out" is the first-ever :wumpscut: cover version -- in this case, a take on Alison Moyet's "All Cried Out." Anyone familiar with the synth-heavy, 1984 original will find :wumpscut:'s to be a surprisingly faithful rendition, albeit with a mechanistic, doomsday vibe. By comparison, the second new piece, "Overkill," is somewhat tedious, clocking in at over seven minutes. The remainder of the first disc includes a few decent remixes, including one of "Marta Arnau Marti," an ancient Ratzinger number unearthed from an old DAT recording. Closing out the disc are eight songs from the Music for a Slaughtering Tribe LP. Disc Two features the entire vinyl LP that accompanied :wumpscut:'s Bunkertor Seven box set, as well as seven tracks of odds and ends/housecleaning. "Crang March" and "C.B.T." are previously unreleased, while "Hang Him Higher" is an instrumental. The album ends with an extended "Dried Blood of Gomorrha" that is sure to scare away any non-believers with its churning drum loops. ~ Johnny Loftus, Rovi

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