Big Trail

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The first "epic" western of the talkie era, The Big Trail is motivated by a hero's search for the murderer of his father. Twenty-three-year-old John Wayne, hitherto limited to bit parts, was thrust into the difficult leading role, a young mountaineer put in charge of a huge California-bound wagon train. Over the next several months, Wayne and his fellow pioneers face every imaginable hazard and disaster, from blistering desert heat to blinding snowstorms, negotiating steep cliffs, treacherous rivers, uncharted forests and other such natural obstacles. Meanwhile, Wayne's tentative romance with heroine Ruth Cameron (Marguerite Churchill) is continually thwarted by a charming but duplicitous gambler (Ian Keith), and all-around villain Red Flack (Tyrone Power Sr.) and his henchman Lopez (Charlie Stevens) ceaselessly plot to double-cross the other wagon-trainers for their own financial gain. The Big Trail was a box-office disappointment, a fact which some have attributed its expensive production methods. Each scene was lensed twice, once in 35-millimeter and then in the 65-mm "Fox Grandeur" wide-screen process. And then, each dialogue scene was filmed in French and German, with totally different casts. Even if Big Trail has been a big hit, it would have lost money thanks to the time-consuming shooting and reshooting of virtually every scene. Whatever the case, it was John Wayne who suffered most from the film's failure; instantly demoted to "B"-westerns, it took him nearly a decade to rebuild his stardom. Long believed lost, The Big Trail was made available for exhibition again in the early 1970s -- and in the 1990s the original widescreen version was at last restored for public view. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Main Titles
2. To the Land Beyond
3. Old Friends
4. Pioneers
5. An Unpleasant Occurrence
6. Renegades
7. The New Scout
8. The Camerons
9. Nowhere to Go
10. Heading West
11. The Caravan
12. Ruth's Suitors
13. I'm Not Your Friend
14. Going Scouting
15. The Hunt
16. Crossing the River
17. Back From the Dead
18. The Cheyenne
19. Coleman's Squaw
20. Determination
21. The Desert
22. The Last Outpost
23. The Bartered Bride
24. Thrope's Last Shot
25. Murder
26. Indian Attack
27. Burying the Dead
28. Stuck in the Mud
29. No Turning Back
30. A Dead Man's Knife
31. Coleman's Law
32. Journey's End
33. Ruth's Plea
34. Frontier Justice
35. An Anniversary Present
36. End Titles/Exit Music