Gay Purr-Ee [Widescreen]

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In the wake of the success of Disney's "101 Dalmatians," Warner Brothers has come up with a story about cats called "Gay Purr-ee." This song-filled adventure begins with Mewsette, a rural femme feline longing for the exciting life in Paris. She is kidnapped by some criminal cats. Things look bad until Jaune-Tom and his faithful friend Robespierre discover the crime and claw their way to Mewsette's side in hopes of rescuing the purloined pussy. Judy Garland does the voice of Mewsette, and sings eight songs by Yip Harburg and Harold Arlen. The most memorable is "Paris Is A Lonely Town." Robert Goulet is the voice of Jaune-Tom, with Red Buttons as Robespierre. Other voices are by the legendary Mel Blanc, Hermione Gingold, Paul Frees, Morey Amsterdam, Julie Bennett and Joan Gardner. The superior animation was supervised by Chuck Jones, with the screenplay by Jones and his wife Dorothy. ~ Dan Pavlides, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Credits [:02]
2. Mewsette [3:19]
3. Target: Mouse [1:04]
4. Take My Hand, Paree [:57]
5. Mademoiselle Feline [:01]
6. The Road to Paris [3:20]
7. Roses Red, Violets Blue [2:05]
8. Meowrice [2:39]
9. Hangers-on [:05]
10. Sister Dearest [4:05]
11. The Money Cat [3:00]
12. Doing the Town [:27]
13. The Horse Won't Talk [1:58]
14. Cats for A Fee [:01]
15. Bubbles [2:04]
16. Shanghaied [2:12]
17. Little Drops of Rain [1:52]
18. Portraits of Mewsette [:59]
19. Paris...or Pittsburgh? [2:10]
20. Escape [:05]
21. Klondike Cats [4:28]
22. Paris Is a Lonely Town [:39]
23. On Her Trail [1:36]
24. Meowrice the Mouse [1:37]
25. Surprise Package [3:36]
26. Mewsette Reprise [2:09]