Stripped to Kill

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Stripped to Kill is an exciting, low-budget, stylish mystery thriller where dancers at a local strip club are killed one by one. Detective Cody Sheehan (Kay Lenz) wants the case and is willing to go undercover as one of the dancers in order to catch her suspect. Stripped to Kill, directed with great style by Katt Shea Ruben, is a terrific thriller, despite its excessive gore and nudity. Kay Lenz seems somewhat uncomfortable in her role, which requires her to do a striptease, exposing her complete lack of dancing talent. However she is very effective as the ambitious Cody and has considerable chemistry with her partner Heineman (Greg Evigan). Despite the fact that the plot is routine and the ending implausible, the dancer's are gorgeous and photographed with flair, and there is a good deal of black humor that enlivens this erotic, highly-recommended fast-paced, lively thriller. ~ Linda Rasmussen, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Titles [4:14]
2. Peeking [7:32]
3. Pep-Talk [9:33]
4. Amateur Night [6:15]
5. Angel's Gone [9:12]
6. Cinammon [8:18]
7. Confrontation [6:49]
8. Search [5:29]
9. Cutting Loose [10:19]
10. Lie for Sex [7:44]
11. What Made Her Do It? [7:57]
12. Credits [3:15]

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