Blue Max

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Based on a novel by Jack D. Hunter, The Blue Max is a World War I aviation drama, told from the German point of view. Low-born infantryman George Peppard becomes a pilot, almost deliberately stepping on the sensibilities of his aristocratic comrades in the process. A national hero, Peppard wins the Blue Max, the highest award that can be bestowed upon an aviator. His fame is exploited by general James Mason, who tolerates Peppard's affair with Mason's wife Ursula Andress. The canny Mason knows that, eventually, Peppard will be expendable, and a "heroic" death can be arranged. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. The Western Front
2. Main Titles
3. Behind German Lines
4. The New Replacement
5. The Squadron
6. A Pretty Medal
7. First Mission
8. Dogfight
9. An Unconfirmed Kill
10. Stachel's New Partner
11. A Confirmed Kill
12. The Official Story
13. Something of the Cobra
14. General Von Klugermann
15. The General's Approval
16. 7000 Guns
17. The Wrong Room
18. Battleground
19. Shot Down
20. A Small Celebration
21. Von Richthofen
22. The General's Expert
23. The Wounded Hero
24. Countess Von Klugermann's Guest
25. Similar Tastes
26. Intermission
27. Entr'acte
28. At a Standstill
29. Two Against Five
30. The Bridge
31. The Better Man
32. A Hero's Funeral
33. Indiscreet
34. An Army in Retreat
35. Air Strike
36. Allied Attack
37. Twenty's Not Enough
38. Ordered to Berlin
39. Good Military Reasons
40. Kaeti's Offer
41. The Blue Max
42. A Change in Plan
43. The Hero's Last Flight
44. End Titles