Paper Chase

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This filmization of John Jay Osborn Jr.'s novel -Paper Chase ended up one of the surprise hits of the 1973-74 movie season. Timothy Bottoms stars as the Minnesotan Hart, a brilliant but naive first-year student at the Harvard Law School. Like most of his fellow aspiring attorneys, Hart is in fearful awe of his demanding, ego-deflating instructor, Professor Kingsfield (John Houseman). He is not so much intimidated by Kingsfield, however, as to resist falling in love with the professor's pretty daughter (Lindsay Wagner). An eminent theatrical and film producer, John Houseman won an Oscar for his first important film role (no, it wasn't his first film role ever; he'd played an unbilled cameo in 1964's Seven Days in May), launching Houseman on a latter-day acting career wherein he spent most of his time playing variations of Kingsfield. Houseman also recreated the role for a Paper Chase TV series, which first ran on @CBS, then on public television, then on the @Showtime pay cable service. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Main Titles
2. Kingsfield's Class
3. The Law of the Dorm
4. The Genius
5. Questioning & Answering
6. The Study Group
7. The Mystery Girl
8. Heart of the Beast
9. Susan's Visitor
10. Hart's Big Move
11. Susan and Sustenance
12. Kingsfield's Party
13. Kingsfield's Daughter
14. A Hypothetical
15. His Special Room
16. Irrational
17. Kevin's Problem
18. The Tutor
19. The Red Set
20. Trying to Make Sense
21. Kingsfield's Offer
22. Scared to Death
23. O'Connor's Out
24. Stalking Susan
25. Bell's Outline
26. Kevin & Asheley
27. The Empty Classroom
28. Late for the Party
29. Susan's Advice
30. A Dime for a Phone Call
31. Preparing for Finals
32. Trouble in Room 112
33. Bring on the Test
34. The Elevator
35. Pieces of Paper
36. End Titles
1. Introduction
2. Origins of the Film
3. Directors & Writers
4. Resistance to the Project/Budgets
5. Casting
6. Locations & Set Design
7. The Crew
8. Dailies/Fox's Budget
9. Shooting Conditions
10. Cinematography
11. Reactions to the Film/The Score
12. The Film's Release & Success
13. The Film's Legacy
14. Relationships Among the Actors
15. Screenplay Adaptation
16. John Houseman
17. Timothy Bottoms
18. Writing & Directing - Bringing Visions Together
19. Themes & Filmmaking