War Hunt

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When a cease-fire temporarily halts the Korean war action, Private Endore (John Saxon) can't put down his rifle. He continues to make one-man raids behind enemy lines at night. When he takes along a young Korean refugee to personally witness the mayhem, Private Roy Loomis (Robert Redford) attempts to save the boy and stop the murderous and obviously insane Endore. This film marks the big-screen debut of Robert Redford. Sydney Pollack, who would collaborate with Redford on future film projects, plays the role of Sergeant Van Horn. ~ Dan Pavlides, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Main Title/May 1953
2. "Welcome to Korea"
3. "This Is a Crazy War"
4. Behind Enemy Lines
5. "Season's Greetings"
6. Night Watch
7. Passwords & Codes
8. Strong Recommendations
9. Don't Mess With Endore
10. Silence Isn't Golden
11. Shell-Shocked
12. Struggling for His Life
13. Doing Right by Charlie
14. It's Over, but Too Late
15. Over the Edge
16. Lost Innocence

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