Stranger Among Us

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When a Jewish jeweler is found dead and his store is missing more than one million dollars in diamonds, a New York police detective (Melanie Griffith) goes undercover in a community of Hasidic Jews to find the criminal. Once she is immersed in the community, she falls in love with one of the most devout members, who helps her find the criminal. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Opening Credits/"It's Goin' Down" [13:24]
2. "Speak to Me of Yaakov" [10:24]
3. 613 Rules [5:08]
4. An Unusual Request [11:30]
5. The Jewelry District [9:44]
6. "Tell Someone Who Cares" [4:55]
7. The Brothers Baldessari [2:04]
8. Mazel Tov [3:40]
9. Thinking [6:46]
10. The Bust [12:27]
11. "One Who Has Returned" [5:02]
12. Mara/End Credits [8:47]