Far Country

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One of the most entertaining of the Western movies to come out of the 1950s, this is a Stewart vehicle in which he must take on the ruthlessness of the frontier. Set in the Yukon, Stewart and his friends are driving cattle to market from Wyoming to Canada, where the boom towns pay top dollar for beef. When they arrive in Skagway, the corrupt sheriff of the town (John McIntire) steals the cattle and Stewart et al are forced to fight for their herd. Together with the female saloon keeper of another town (Ruth Roman), they find themselves up against an evil they were not prepared for. When Stewart's friend (portrayed by Walter Brennan) is killed, he is forced to go up against the evil sheriff. Good versus evil in incredible Yukon settings makes this an above average Western. ~ Tana Hobart, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Main Titles [1:26]
2. Bound for Alaska [7:34]
3. Skagway [6:25]
4. The Law in Skagway [4:25]
5. Gannon's Rule [4:27]
6. The Sawdust Concession [2:06]
7. To the Far Country [4:38]
8. The Cattle Thieves [11:28]
9. Webster's Way [4:00]
10. Avalanche [4:10]
11. Robbers [2:24]
12. Dawson [4:37]
13. The New Claim [2:06]
14. A Way Out [5:08]
15. The Need for Law [5:57]
16. Trouble in Town [5:40]
17. Death on the River [8:17]
18. Gannon's Claims [4:31]
19. Showdown in Dawson [7:09]
20. End Titles [:18]