Long Ships

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In this elaborately mounted seafaring adventure, Rolfe (Richard Widmark) is a Viking leader with the cunning and devious mind of a pirate. Rolfe tells others sailors of "The Mother of Voices," a mammoth bell made of gold and as tall as three men, but he adds enough incorrect details to throw them off the proper trail. However, Aly Mansuh (Sidney Poitier), the leader of a group of ambitious Moors, sees through Rolfe's story, and soon the two are in a breakneck race to be the first to capture the precious bell. The Long Ships also features Russ Tamblyn and Oscar Homolka. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Start [2:49]
2. Legend of the Great Golden Bell [2:58]
3. Rolfe the Storyteller [1:37]
4. Aly Mansuh [2:47]
5. The Tower of Torture [4:37]
6. King Harald's Funeral Ship [3:55]
7. Krok's Party [6:14]
8. Rolfe's Homecoming [3:54]
9. "I Found the Bell." [5:30]
10. Stealing the King's Property [7:01]
11. The Black Sail [2:24]
12. A Maiden Must Die! [6:52]
13. The Maelstrom [2:55]
14. Vikings vs. Moors [2:50]
15. Rolfe Surrenders [4:18]
16. Moot the Merriet [6:17]
17. Alone With Aminah [9:56]
18. Busy With the Snow Princess [3:50]
19. Defending the Princess' Honor [3:17]
20. Vikings in the Harem! [1:18]
21. Princely Liars [3:40]
22. The Mare of Steel [2:09]
23. Divided Loyalties [9:16]
24. Return to the Maelstrom [1:04]
25. For Whom the Bell Tolls [4:08]
26. Aminah's Fatal Warning [1:56]
27. The Final Battle [7:28]
28. Mansuh's Crushing Defeat [3:06]