Dream Team [Widescreen]

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The eponymous team consists of four residents of a New Jersey psychiatric hospital: ex-postal worker Henry Sikorsky (Christopher Lloyd), who fancies himself a doctor; one-time ad agency exec Jack McDermott (Peter Boyle), suffering from a Messiah/martyr complex; writer Billy Caulfield (Michael Keaton), who cannot abide the "idiots" in the world (namely, everyone but himself); and TV-obsessed Albert Ianuzzi (Stephen Furst). Permitted a field trip to a baseball game, the four unfortunates wander off when psychiatrist Dr. Weitzman (Dennis Boutsikaris) is waylaid by two corrupt police officers after he witnesses them killing a third cop. The innocent inmates are accused of attacking Dr. Weitzman, but it is they who team up to bring the actual culprits to justice. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Meet the Patients (Main Titles) [5:50]
2. Group Session [11:00]
3. Planning a Field Trip [5:42]
4. Hit the Road [6:14]
5. Witness to Murder [4:21]
6. On Their Own [3:59]
7. Restaurant Security [6:55]
8. Sensing Hostility [3:59]
9. Dead Men Can't Talk [6:11]
10. Taking Responsibility [6:05]
11. Victor's in Trouble [9:59]
12. Review Our Goals [5:27]
13. Getting Caught [6:43]
14. All Rounded Up [8:43]
15. The Escape [5:47]
16. Save the Doc [4:25]
17. Checkmated [4:17]
18. End Titles [6:26]