Brave Little Toaster

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A fast-paced and funny twist on the Homeward Bound saga in which devoted pets traverse the wilderness in search of their owners, Brave Little Toaster is an animated family treat that tells the delightful story of a gang of household appliances who set off for the big city to find their young master after he thoughtlessly leaves them in his summer cabin. Along the way they must face many dangers and obstacles, including figuring out how to get juice in a wilderness containing no electrical outlets. The film is based on a children's tale by science-fiction author Thomas M. Disch and won a Parent's Choice Award. ~ Sandra Brennan, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Opening/Good Morning! [5:35]
2. Fun Chores [3:16]
3. A Car... [3:30]
4. Poor Air Conditioner [4:40]
5. "How Are We Gonna Travel?" [5:16]
6. City of Light [6:46]
7. Hidden Meadow [5:24]
8. The Right Direction? [8:14]
9. Stuck in a Tree [2:12]
10. The Waterfall [7:15]
11. It's a B-Movie [7:02]
12. Jailbreak! [2:54]
13. The Master [6:23]
14. Cutting Edge [4:22]
15. Worthless [9:43]
16. A Brave Little Toaster/End Credits [7:23]