White Men Can't Jump

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Ron Shelton (Bull Durham) wrote and directed the basketball-oriented seriocomedy White Men Can't Jump. Woody Harrelson plays Billy Hoyle, a white con artist who hustles basketball games against black players who don't realize Billy is actually a gifted hoopster. One of his unsuspecting victims, Sidney Deane (Wesley Snipes), becomes Billy's "agent," arranging his various scams around L.A., and the duo quickly start piling up the wins together. The film breezes through several zany sequences, including one liberal-baiting satirical moment set at a black/white "solidarity" basketball game arranged by an ambitious politician. Crooked gamblers intrude upon the last scenes of the film, but Hoyle is rescued by his girlfriend, Gloria (Rosie Perez), a Jeopardy freak who realizes a lifelong dream by winning big on the Alex Trebek-hosted game show. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 -
0. Scene Selection
1. Main Titles [4:33]
2. Talkin' Trash [4:26]
3. Who's the Chump? [2:43]
4. About Business [7:16]
5. Hustlin' [5:24]
6. Finding a Weakness [:09]
7. Love's Fool [6:31]
8. The Almighty Dollar [5:07]
9. Ethics [3:08]
10. In the Zone [3:56]
11. Accepting the Award [7:26]
12. White Men Can't Jump [7:15]
13. Win Some, Lose Some [11:10]
14. A Cross to Bear [1:17]
15. Jeopardy [1:54]
16. Gloria's Song [1:45]
17. Promises [9:01]
18. Every Dog Has His Day [2:43]
19. Sometimes You Lose... [2:28]
20. End Titles [4:45]