Oliver's Story

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Get ready for another dose of love and loss in this sequel to the four-handkerchief classic Love Story (1970). Oliver Barrett (Ryan O'Neal) is emotionally devastated after the death of his wife Jenny, and while he tries to lose himself in his work as a lawyer, the long hours don't ease his pain, especially when he finds that his leftist views conflict with those of the senior partners at the firm. Eventually, Oliver's inconsolable grief begins to alienate those around him, until he finds new love with Marcie Bonwit (Candice Bergen), the wealthy and beautiful heir to the Bonwit-Teller fortune. Despite his affection for Marcie, Oliver finds it difficult to leave the memory of Jenny behind, which causes major problems in his relationship with Marcie. Ray Milland reprises his role from the first film as Oliver's father; the supporting cast includes Charles M. Haid, Swoosie Kurtz, and Jose Torres. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. The Funeral [11:12]
2. Dinner Party [10:27]
3. Tennis Match [7:40]
4. Date With Marcie [11:02]
5. True Identities [9:29]
6. Parent's House [6:24]
7. Saving the Lower Eastside [9:00]
8. Hong Kong [11:18]
9. The Family Business [9:49]
10. A New Life [3:58]