Solid Gold Cadillac

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The Solid Gold Cadillac was adapted from the George S. Kaufman-Howard Teichmann Broadway hit of the same. Both the play and film were predicated upon the notion of a humble ten-share stockholder triumphing over a corrupt big-business board of directors, but there was one significant difference. In the stage version, septuagenarian Josephine Hull starred as Laura Partridge, a sweet little old lady who asks several embarrassing questions at a stockholder's meeting. In the film version, Laura's age is lowered by at least four decades to accommodate star Judy Holliday. In both versions, a romance develops between Laura Partridge and Edward L. McKeever, the owner of the corporation she takes on. McKeever (played in the film by Paul Douglas, Holliday's co-star in the Broadway version of Born Yesterday) is an honest man, which is more than can be said for his self-serving board of directors (Fred Clark, John Williams, Ray Collins et. al.) With McKeever's covert help, Laura, who has been given a dummy executive position in the corporation in hopes that she'll shut up, forms a stockholder's association intent upon throwing the rascals out. Though the dialogue in Solid Gold Cadillac is consistently entertaining, the film's best line goes to Judy Holliday: Describing her brief career as an actress in a Shakespearean troupe, she recalls ruefully that "No one's allowed to sit down unless you're a king." George Burns, taking over from the stage version's Fred Allen, provides the wry scene-setting narration. Currently available TV prints of The Solid Gold Cadillac have restored the original Technicolor final shot. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Start [:12]
2. A Typical Stockholders Meeting [1:06]
3. Any Questions? [4:24]
4. A Dollar-a-Year Man [5:45]
5. "The Stage Is My Field" [2:27]
6. Cinderella Comes to the Ball [4:41]
7. Director of Stockholder Relations [4:41]
8. Mr. Jenkins & Miss Shotgraven [2:36]
9. The Stockholders List [5:23]
10. New Advertising Campaigns [2:41]
11. McKeever Drops In [3:56]
12. Spartacus to the Gladiators [4:16]
13. Amelia in Trouble [6:28]
14. The Craziest Letter [3:46]
15. An Interesting Idea [3:15]
16. Miss Partridge Goes to Washington [3:06]
17. Delilah Calls on Samson [3:29]
18. A U.S. Citizen Protests [5:26]
19. McKeever Makes a Decision [2:35]
20. The Top Story of the Day [2:29]
21. The Mystery Woman [1:29]
22. "I'm Out & They're In" [2:33]
23. The Government Hearing [3:54]
24. "Let's Get Married" [4:16]
25. Proxy Enclosed [1:26]
26. The Annual Stockholders Meeting [5:44]
27. Re-Election of Directors Motion [2:47]
28. A Solid Gold Cadillac [3:20]