Micki and Maude

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Micki (Ann Reinking) is the wife of Rob (Dudley Moore), an airheaded TV talk show host. Maude (Amy Irving) is an attractive musician who is unaware of Micki's existence, and with whom Rob falls in love. Rob is a guy who can't say no, thus when Maude announces that she's pregnant, Rob obligingly marries her. Trouble is, he's still married to Micki who is also pregnant. To make matters worse, Rob's wives are due to give birth on the same day, forcing the double dealer to work doubly hard to keep both demanding women happy. Matters reach their comical climax when the Big Day arrives and Rob is expected to attend both births at the same time. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Start [:22]
2. Rob Salinger, TV Reporter [2:11]
3. Micki Salinger, Attorney [3:59]
4. Maude Guillory, Cellist [3:20]
5. After-Concert Party [8:01]
6. Maude's Hollow Leg [1:19]
7. The Affair Begins [2:42]
8. The Man Who Hates Deception [2:34]
9. "I'm Pregnant." [7:51]
10. Barkhas Guillory, Father-of-the-Bride [3:24]
11. The Punch & The Pillow [2:47]
12. "I'm Pregnant." [2:22]
13. Covering a Ganster's Wedding [7:25]
14. The Green Sweater [3:55]
15. Truth or Consequences [4:10]
16. "I'm Not Fit to Be a Mother [2:23]
17. Rob's Bad News [2:01]
18. Name Game [6:03]
19. "Mrs. Salinger?" [4:59]
20. An Abrupt Audition [2:39]
21. The Anesthetist [8:02]
22. "I'd Like to Meet Mrs. Salinger." [5:16]
23. The Shocked Nurse Verbeck [2:26]
24. "I Have Two Wives!" [2:52]
25. It's a Girl [4:29]
26. The Wives' Decision [1:11]
27. Visiting Day [2:21]
28. The Right Moment [6:33]