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Mitch All Together [CD & DVD]

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Track Listing

    Track Title


  1. This CD Is in Stores 3:40
  2. Sandwiches 2:18
  3. Not Track Five, Not Chainsaw Juggler 1:06
  4. Teeth 1:53
  5. Candy Bars 2:04
  6. Houses 2:20
  7. Pop 2:35
  8. The Pipe 2:04
  9. Business Cards 2:23
  10. Sesame Seeds 1:34
  11. Three Easy Payments 2:05
  12. Arrows 2:25
  13. Saved by the Buoyancy of Citrus 2:16
  14. Mitch in the S'th 2:39
  15. Bed and Breakfast 4:18
  16. X 1:37
  17. Movie Pot 1:43
  18. DVD


Absurd like Steven Wright but nowhere near as laid-back, Mitch Hedberg throws out one bizarre observation after another on Mitch All Together. Hedberg builds on Wright's weird observational slant and has the same obsession with minutia, but while Wright was the man who fell to earth, Hedberg is a thinking man's Jeff Spicoli. His slack-jawed, foul-mouthed, stoner delivery takes some getting used to, but his material is great. The comedian points out that imprinting a chocolate bar with the candy's name robs people of chocolate, Dr. Pepper is better than Mr. Pibb because Pepper has a degree, and that escalators never really break down, they just become stairs. Wickedly riffing on these topics for longer than Wright ever did has given Hedberg a cult following and listening to Mitch All Together you can understand the excitement. Comedy Central makes it easy for the newbies to catch up by including a DVD featuring two of Hedberg's appearances on the network, one unedited. Barely any of the material overlaps and the whole package makes for a great introduction to this talented up-and-comer. ~ David Jeffries, Rovi

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