Open Range

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Kevin Costner stars in and directs the Western Open Range. Robert Duvall stars as Boss Spearman, a rugged old-timer who free-grazes cattle. He and Charley Waite (Costner) have been partners for ten years. As the film opens in the 1880s, the pair and their employees -- the beefy, rugged, likable Mose (Abraham Benrubi) and the impetuous Mexican teenager Buttons (Diego Luna) -- are driving cattle across the West. Mose is attacked and thrown in jail during a visit to a town. The local cattle rancher Baxter (Michael Gambon) wants the free grazers off his land and warns Charley and Boss when they retrieve Mose that they have until the next day to be out of the area. Boss decides to fight back, especially after Baxter's men do harm to the foursome. Charley confesses his past as a killer during the Civil War and strikes up a tentative romance with Sue Barlow -- the sister of the town doctor. The film's centerpiece is an extended gunfight between the duo (with some assistance from sympathetic townsfolk) and Baxter's hired gunmen. ~ Perry Seibert, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Opening Credits/A Rainy Campsite [9:49]
2. Mose Is Sent to Town [6:48]
3. Searching for Mose [7:15]
4. Doc Barlow's [9:55]
5. A Midnight Raid [13:33]
6. Tending to Button [5:00]
7. A Storm Is Brewin' [2:26]
8. A Warm Cup of Tea [6:55]
9. Showdown at the Saloon [9:06]
10. A Visit With the Sheriff [7:13]
11. Charley and Sue [2:48]
12. The Town Prepares [9:23]
13. Charley Lays Out His Plan [5:00]
14. The Gunfight Begins [2:13]
15. The Town Helps Out [2:59]
16. Charley Asks to See Sue [9:40]
17. A Proposal [11:06]
18. End Credits [6:14]