Accidental Tourist

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Director Lawrence Kasdan and Frank Galati adapted their screenplay for The Accidental Tourist from Anne Tyler's novel. William Hurt plays Macon Leary, a well-known "travel advisor" headquartered in Baltimore. The tragic death of Leary's son causes him to withdraw from the world, which in turn prompts his wife (Kathleen Turner) to walk out on him. Recuperating from a broken leg, Leary moves in with his sister (Amy Wright) and brothers (Ed Begley Jr., David Ogden Stiers)-staid middle-aged intellectuals all. Discipline problems with his dead son's dog lead Leary to hire flaky professional dogwalker/trainer Muriel Pritchett (Geena Davis, who won an Oscar for her performance). The only non-uptight person within shouting distance, Muriel begins to melt Leary's self-protective shell. Once his wife realizes that she has some competition, she makes moves to get him back. But he has by now become accustomed to Muriel's unfettered lifestyle. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Business Traveler (Credits).
2. "I Write Travel Guide Books."
3. "I Want a Divorce."
4. "Why Bother Getting Up?"
5. Muriel Pritchett.
6. London.
7. "Webster Prefers Specialty."
8. "I'll Wait for You..."
9. Macon's Accident.
10. Ancestral Home.
11. Macon Leary Has a Family.
12. Traveling Armchair.
13. Training Edward.
14. Visiting Julian.
15. Training Macon.
16. Conventional People.
17. "Everything's... So Close-Up."
18. Thanksgiving.
19. "Come and Eat at My House."
20. "I Experienced a Loss."
21. "I Just Want to Sleep."
22. "Macon's Here."
23. "Two Differentnesses."
24. The Alley.
25. "Picture Us Married?"
26. Rose's Wedding.
27. "Macon, Come Home."
28. "Get Things Under Control."
29. "The Trouble With You..."
30. "You Don't Own Paris."
31. "...A Bite Together."
32. "My Back Has Gone Out."
33. Surprise Visitor.
34. Taking Steps.
35. "Stop for That Woman."
36. End Credits.