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In this exciting action thriller, an artistic widow fights to stay alive after her husband, a Marine who had discovered that the military was well aware that it was placing defective parts in its helicopters, is mysteriously murdered. Believing that the widow, a metal sculptress, has the damning evidence, the killers take off after her and her little son. None of them realizes that she too was a Marine and is more than capable of defending herself. ~ Sandra Brennan, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Fun and Games [7:05]
2. Out of the Sky [8:31]
3. New Investigation [4:47]
4. Military Cover-Up [10:01]
5. Stress Release [8:45]
6. Truth Kills [9:17]
7. Broken Trust [8:53]
8. Loose Ends [9:11]
9. Cabin Safehouse [8:41]
10. Innocent Captive [5:48]
11. Air Cavalry [5:33]
12. Life Goes On [3:51]