Frogger's Adventures: The Rescue

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Konami's Frogger returns for a second adventure on GameCube, this time with an emphasis on the frenzied leaping and darting action that made the original game a runaway hit in 1981. Played from an overhead perspective high above the small green frog, players must traverse jungles avoiding buzzing bees, bounce atop city rooftops past marching ants, and survive other themed locales to save his beloved. Rather than present the action from a fixed-screen viewpoint like the original, this sequel features 3D worlds filled with an assortment platforms to hop across, objects to latch onto with Frogger's tongue, puzzles to solve, and coins to collect. The camera will rotate and follow Frogger as he moves left, right, up, and down in search of the level exit. The game offers a total of seven worlds with various mini-quests found along the way. Frogger's Adventures also features a multiplayer mode supporting up to four different colored frogs. Some multiplayer events take place on a single screen, such as races, while others a presented in a split-screen format.

Game Controls

Control Pad or Control Stick = move character
A Button = jump
B Button = frogger tongue
L Button = rotate left
R Button = rotate right
B Button + Control Pad or Control Stick = pull or push objects with tongue
Start/Pause Button = pause ~ Keith Adams, All Game Guide