NFL Street

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The popularity of NBA Street has attracted a new neighbor in NFL Street, an urban-themed football title distinguished by its players, venues, and rules. Rather than select from traditional athletes armored in pads and helmets, players can choose from 300 NFL pros dressed in street attire and ready to show off a wild assortment of exaggerated moves. The game offers seven-on-seven action taking place on seven distinct "fields," including a beach, park, corner lot, and other offbeat locales, each with varying terrain and dimensions. The street theme means players won't have to worry about penalties, kicking field goals, or punting the ball away. Before proving their mettle on the asphalt, mud, or sand, players can select a Pick-Up Game, NFL Challenge, or a Create-A-Team option. Pick-Up Game has players assembling their team, playground style, by picking and choosing from a pool of 40 randomly selected NFL athletes from the past and present. NFL Challenge has players competing against each of the 32 professional teams until they are crowned champion, while Create-A-Team involves developing an athlete and squad from scratch. NFL Street follows a similar structure to NBA Street, in that players accumulate points by performing outlandish moves and trick plays. Amassing a certain number of points activates a Gamebreaker mode, which enhances an athlete's abilities and makes it harder for the opposing side to shut down a play. Created athletes can also earn development points by winning games, which can be traded in for new clothing, equipment, physical attributes, and more. Up to four players can tackle each other on the same screen, with online support available in the PlayStation 2 version.

Game Controls



Left Analog Stick = control player
X Button = snap ball, stiff arm, shoulder charge
Circle Button = spin, juke
Triangle Button = pitch
Square Button = hurdle, dive
R1 Button = turbo
R2 Button = view play diagram
L1 Button = style, audible
L2 Button = pull camera back
Start Button = pause


Left Analog Stick = control player
X Button = spin, rip
Circle Button = switch players
Triangle Button = catch pass, deflect pass
Square Button = dive
R1 Button = turbo
R2 Button = view play diagram
L1 Button = audible
L2 Button = pull camera back
Start Button = pause



L1 Button (hold) = get your style on
L1 or L2 Button + Triangle Button = stylin' pitch
L1 or L2 Button + Square Button = stylin' hurdle or dive
L1 or L2 Button + Circle Button = stylin' Juke or spin
L1 or L2 Button + X, Square or Circle Button = stylin' pass
L2 Button + Right Analog Stick, Square or Circle Button = signature style moves


L1 Button = audible
D-Pad Right = make the running back block then release into a pass pattern
D-Pad Up = send all your receivers on streak patterns
D-Pad Down = call a run play for the snap recipient
Triangle Button = cancel audible


L1 Button = audible
D-Pad Up = put your secondary and linebackers into zone coverage
D-Pad Down = send your linebackers on a blitz while your secondary plays man to man
D-Pad Left or Right = go into man-to-man defense with two deep cverage
Triangle Button = cancel audible ~ Keith Adams, All Game Guide