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Anna's early scenes concentrate upon Czech refugee Krystyna (Paulina Porizkova), who arrives in New York in search of her idol, famed actress Anna (Sally Kirkland), who was denied reentry to her native country after the 1968 communist invasion. Unable to recapture her celebrity in New York, Anna is forced to go through a series of humiliating auditions conducted by insensitive directors who have no inkling who she is. She must also endure marriage to a self-involved music video director (Robert Fields). When Krystyna and Anna finally meet, each draws strength from the other, enabling both women to survive whatever indignities life has to offer. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Wake-Up Call [5:26]
2. The Audition [7:01]
3. Humpty Dumpty on One Leg [2:34]
4. A Weak Introduction [2:15]
5. "She Brings Me Luck" [4:36]
6. Just an Understudy [4:37]
7. The English Lesson [2:35]
8. "You're a Father!" [2:10]
9. Krystyna's Letter Home [2:02]
10. New Teeth, for Free [2:30]
11. Calling Baskin [3:22]
12. Anna's Dark Secrets [7:39]
13. The Chance That Didn't Come [4:10]
14. "Come Back to Prague" [3:25]
15. In Two Worlds at Once [3:32]
16. All Dressed Up... [5:47]
17. Love and Humiliation [4:25]
18. Daniel's Birthday [4:29]
19. Krystyna's Second Letter [2:06]
20. Inventing Her Past [6:29]
21. Anna's Big Scene [3:32]
22. Good Bye to Love [5:06]
23. Enchanted Revival [2:36]
24. The Breakdown [4:25]
25. End Credits [3:00]