Wrong Is Right

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Based on Charles McCarry's 1979 novel -The Better Angels, Wrong is Right is set in a near future in which violence has become something of a national sport and television news has fallen to tabloid depths (a significantly bigger stretch in 1982, when the film was released.) Star Sean Connery plays Patrick Hale, a globe-trotting reporter with access to a staggering array of world leaders. As the film opens, he has ventured to the Arab country of Hegreb to interview his old acquaintance, King Ibn Awad (Ron Moody). Awad has learned that the President of the United States (George Grizzard) may have issued orders for his removal; as a result, Awad is apparently making arrangements to deliver two mini-nuclear devices -- each about the size of a small suitcase -- to a terrorist, with the intention of detonating them in Israel and the United States, unless the President resigns. In the intricate plot that unfolds, nothing is quite the way it seems, and Hale finds himself caught between political leaders, revolutionaries, CIA agents and other figures, trying to get to the bottom of it all. ~ Craig Butler, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Start [7:25]
2. Hale in Hagreb [2:30]
3. Sally Blake [1:47]
4. Helmut Unger [9:22]
5. Murdered to Suppress the Truth [4:26]
6. King Awad [5:13]
7. The Eye of God [3:06]
8. Rafeeq [4:47]
9. Operation Suitcase [1:39]
10. "K-I-L-L Him" [6:09]
11. Awad's Suicide Tape [3:56]
12. Open Season on Reporters [3:34]
13. Mallory's Intelligence Briefing [1:55]
14. The Human Bomb [2:59]
15. CIA Spills the Beans [2:02]
16. Answers Spiked With the Truth [4:22]
17. Justifiable Homicide? [4:34]
18. The Europa Trading Co. [9:02]
19. The Style of the CIA [5:07]
20. Unger Goes Up in Smoke [5:27]
21. The Moment That Shocked the Nation [4:57]
22. Broad Bombs Broadway [2:39]
23. Washington, 10 PM [3:16]
24. Rafeeq's Three Conditions [5:52]
25. The Evacuation Plan [:43]
26. The Worst That Could Happen [3:31]
27. A Well-Hung Flagpole [2:36]
28. War! [4:10]

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