Sword of the Valiant: The Legend of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

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In this uneven dramatization of a legendary sword-and-sorcery tale, the Green Knight (Sean Connery) is a magician who appears at King Arthur's court brandishing an axe and challenging anyone to do battle with him. When no one responds, King Arthur himself steps into the breach -- but is turned back when Gawain (Miles O'Keeffe) takes up his axe to stand in for the king -- and promptly decapitates the Green Knight. But lo-and-behold, the Knight's magic is so great that he puts head and body back together again and then further challenges Gawain with a riddle that must be solved within the next 12 months or Gawain is dead. Lucky for Gawain, the riddle involves several rescues of the charming Princess Linet (Cyrielle Claire) -- but how will he manage to outfox the Green Knight and the evil Morgan La Fay (Emma Sutton)? ~ Eleanor Mannikka, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Main Title/Royal Tirade
2. The Challenge
3. The Riddle
4. The Quest Begins
5. The Black Knight
6. Lost Kingdom
7. "Stronger Than Magic"
8. Trickery
9. The Sage
10. Cut and Thrust
11. Fun and Games
12. Firefight
13. True Hospitality
14. Settling the Score
15. To Every Season
16. Wisdom/End Credits