MVP Baseball 2004

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EA SPORTS comes running onto the field with the sophomore release in its MVP Baseball series, MVP Baseball 2004. At the plate, the new "Pure Swing System" is designed to give players improved control, with the ability to swing for the fence, pull the ball down the baseline, or swing for an opposite field; players have command of each type of swing for every situation. With this edition's new character control system, called "Big Play Control," players will be able to leap walls to rob home runs, drop down for a hook slide to avoid being tagged out, and even bully the catcher at home plate to force the extra run. EA SPORTS has also included minor league teams from the AA and AAA classes, such as the Durham Bulls and Toledo Mud Hens. In "Dynasty" mode, players can build up their team through the farm system, negotiate contracts, and maintain team chemistry using information from unique player personality models. In "Manager" mode, players control the game from the dugout, using a collection of strategic, per-at-bat decisions -- call the steal, have the batter go deep, or lay down the sacrifice bunt. Players can even have the pitcher go after a batter with a bit of chin music. Available only on the PS2 console, all of this can be taken online using the EA SPORTS Nation network, where players can greet other players, set up tournaments, and download roster updates. Also new in MVP Baseball 2004 is the Cooperstown Collection, featuring legendary players outfitted in their authentic jerseys. Have the Babe reclaim his home run record, or add to the Georgia Peach's career batting average. Classic stadiums from yesteryear, featuring era-specific lighting and textures, are also included, to round out the feel of nostalgia.

Game Controls



X Button = swing
R3 Button = square to bunt


Circle, Triangle or Square Button = control runner at 1st, 2nd or 3rd
D-Pad (toward base) = steal, choose base destination
L2 Button = stop selected runner
R2 Button = stop all runners
D-Pad (toward base) = retreat runner
L1 or R1 Button = advance or retreat runner
Right Analog Stick Up = increase all leadoffs
Right Analog Stick Down = decrease all leadoffs
Right Analog Stick Left = increase lead of highlighted runner
Right Analog Stick Right = decrease lead of highlighted runner



Left Analog Stick = choose pitch location
X, Circle, Triangle, Square or R1 Button = throw a pitch
L1 Button + Circle, Triangle or Square Button = pickoff attempt
L1 + X Button = pitchout
L1 + R3 Button = intentionally walk a batter
L1 + L3 Button = intentionally hit a batter
R2 + D-Pad Up or Down = choose infield or outfield alignment
D-Pad Left or Right = choose a category
L3 + L1 or R1 Button = view pitch history
L2 Button + D-Pad Up or Down = view bullpen or dugout menu
L2 Button + D-Pad Left or Right = toggle between bullpens and dugouts


Left Analog stick = move fielder
L1 Button = change fielders
Right Analog Stick = big play control
X, Circle, Triangle or Square Button = throw to home, 1st, 2nd or 3rd base
R1 Button = throw to cut-off man


Right Analog Stick Up = slide head-first
Right Analog Stick Up Left or Up Right = slide head-first to the left or right of bag
Right Analog Stick Down = pop-up slide
Right Analog Stick Down Left or Down Right = hook slide to the left or right of bag
Right Analog Stick Up = dislodge ball from catcher ~ Keith Adams, All Game Guide