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It's Always Fair Weather [2004 Expanded Edition]

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Track Listing

    Track Title


  1. Main Title 1:16
  2. March, March 1:22
  3. Medley: Letter / Drinking Montage / The Binge 5:47
  4. Time for Parting 2:03
  5. Ten Year Montage [#] 3:49
  6. [Excerpt] 2:51
  7. After Blue Danube [#] 1:28
  8. Gene's Folly [#] 1:41
  9. Music Is Better Than Words 2:13
  10. Stillman's Gym 2:10
  11. Baby You Knock Me Out 2:38
  12. Situation-Wise [#] :48
  13. Mike's Dream Place [#] :43
  14. Time for Parting / Once Upon a Time 3:34
  15. I Thought They'd Never Leave (outtake) [#][Outtake] 2:32
  16. Love Is Nothing But A Racket (outtake) [#][Outtake] 4:35
  17. Twenty-Five Cent Analysis [#] :55
  18. Situation-Wise 2:33
  19. I Like Myself 4:07
  20. Madeline's Commercial (Klenzrite) (adapted from a piece by Franz Liszt) :49
  21. Thanks a Lot, But No Thanks 3:40
  22. Time For Parting-TV Girls [#] :31
  23. Time For Parting (Finale) 1:45
  24. End Cast (outtake) [#][Outtake] :19
  25. The Binge (Alternate Version) [#] 5:52
  26. Jack and the Space Giants (Demo) [#][Demo Version] 3:13
  27. Once Upon a Time (Demo) [#] 1:54
  28. Love is Nothin' But a Racket (Demo) [#] 3:13
  29. Music Is Better Than Words (Alternate Version) (Demo) [#] 1:26
  30. [Excerpt] [#] 2:38
  31. I Thought They'd Never Leave (Demo) [#] 3:08
  32. Thanks a Lot, But No Thanks (Demo) [#] 3:25


Even the most cursory examination of this edition of 1955's It's Always Fair Weather soundtrack will thrill enthusiasts, as the contents have been improved upon by leaps and bounds over every previous incarnation. For starters, André Previn's complete score -- enhanced by the words and music of Betty Comden and Adolph Green -- is presented for the first time. Plus, the entire affair has been mixed to stereo from the three-track master tapes, resulting in nothing short of a breathtaking presentation. The film -- nominated for Oscars in both the Best Score and Best Screenplay categories -- is an entertaining conduit for some high-energy antics, balancing what is an arguably contrived plot. The story, which undeniably seems like a revision of On the Town (1949), focuses on pals Gene Kelly (Ted Riley), Dan Dailey (Doug Hallerton), and Michael Kidd (Angie Valentine). Upon arriving home from a stint in the Army, a bet is made that the trio will not remain as tightly knit after readjusting to life in the United States. The movie then chronicles each, as Kelly becomes a less than successful boxing manager, Dailey has traded his fatigues for a business suit, and Kidd is the proprietor of a typical greasy spoon luncheonette. Their story catches national attention when a TV station decides to broadcast a "feel-good" reunion between the trio. Enter the hard-nosed television hostess Dolores Gray (Madeline Bradville), who is bound and determined to get them back together. Although two are willing to participate, getting Kelly is a sizable challenge. Showstoppers include the infectiously fun three-way dance number "Once Upon a Time," Kelly's unforgettable roller-skating sequence during "I Like Myself" -- in which keen-eyed viewers may spot sets recycled from his Singin' in the Rain (1952) appearance -- and Cyd Charisse (Jackie Leighton) on "Baby, You Knock Me Out." Among the never-before-available goodies are a handful of Previn's rare piano demos, alternate versions of "The Binge" and "Music is Better Than Words," the outtakes "I Thought They'd Never Leave" and "Love Is Nothing But a Racket," and a superior liner notes essay from cinematic authority George Feltenstein, who packs in plenty of details regarding the production. ~ Lindsay Planer, Rovi

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