Too Late the Hero [Widescreen]

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Filmed on location in the Philippines Robert Aldrich's Too Late the Hero is set in the last months of World War II. Lackadaisical navy lieutenant Cliff Robertson, who happens to speak fluent Japanese, is ordered to go on a suicide mission to wipe out an enemy observation post. Robertson's equally unwilling partners in this venture are British captain Denholm Elliot and pugnacious cockney private Michael Caine. All three men prove to have unsuspected reserves of courage when the going gets toughest. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Main Title/A Job [:09]
2. British Camp [10:17]
3. Danger Zone [10:06]
4. The Mission [2:32]
5. Crossed Paths [9:45]
6. Trouble at the Tower [8:16]
7. Disssension in the Ranks [10:51]
8. Broken Radio [6:09]
9. Enemy Base [2:14]
10. Secret Air Force [5:35]
11. An Officer [3:38]
12. Division [8:59]
13. At Odds [3:34]
14. Agreement [13:21]
15. "You Zig, I'll Zag" [6:51]
16. Hero/End Credits [12:29]